Graphic Controller IP for Altera®


Graphic Controller IP can draw multiple graphic images on top of input image in real time. Both prepared bitmap images and images generated using the IP's drawing function can be used as overlaying graphic images. You can overlay such graphic images up to 4 layers with alpha blending functionality at any transparency. By using this IP, you can easily achieve various On-Screen-Display solutions such as start-up logo, menu, icon and character.


  • Image composer can manage 1 background layer and the maximum of 4 graphic layers
  • Alpha blender can control the dot-by-dot transparency from 0% to 100% by the step of alpha bits
  • Color palette can register up to 64K colors
  • Auto drawing function can fill rectangle and draw line
  • Bit-Blt (Bit Block Transfer) can transfer image in any size from/to anywhere of VRAM
  • DMAC can transfer the images stored in external memory into VRAM

Target Application


  • Medical Imaging System
  • Security Camera System
  • Office Automation Equipment
  • Broadcasting Equipment
  • Electrical Measuring Equipment
  • Video Player
  • Every application with display

Supported FPGAs

  • ALTERA Cyclone(R) IV / V
  • ALTERA Arria(R) V
  • ALTERA Stratix(R) IV / V
  • ALTERA MAX(R) 10
    Note: Please contact us for latest supported FPGAs.


  • Encrypted RTL (Verilog HDL 2001)
  • License file
  • User's manual
    (*Please contact us for other deliverables.)

Block Diagram

(Purple highlighted area shows this IP)