Lattice Semiconductor

Lattice Semiconductor

Lattice Semiconductor (NASDAQ: LSCC) provides smart connectivity solutions powered by their low power FPGA, video ASSP and IP products to the consumer, communications, industrial, computing, and automotive markets worldwide. Founded in 1983 they focus on low power, small form factor FPGA and CPLD and related programmable bridging products.

Customizable Solutions - Lattice Semiconductor leads the industry in ultra-low power, small form factor, customizable solutions for today’s quickly changing connected world. From heterogeneous networks and micro servers, to smartphones, tablets and wearables, Lattice FPGAs and CPLDs are at the heart of solutions that give designers the ability to quickly innovate, or build and add features to their systems that uniquely differentiate their products.

Lattice`s Technology


ECP Family - Connectivity and Acceleration FPGAs – The Lattice ECP3, ECP5 and ECP5-5G families are optimized for data and control path bridge and interfacing,architected with high-performance SERDES, full-featured DSP blocks, and for state-of-the-art memory interfaces for supporting a wide range of applications including wireless and wireline communication, video processing, security and surveillance, industrial automation, and automotive.

  • Up to 149K LUTs / 6850Kb SRAM / 586 GPIO and 16x SerDes


iCE40 Family – The World’s Smallest FPGAs – Lattice’s iCE40 family offers the world’s smallest FPGAs at very low power enabling flexible and fast customization on standard platforms – perfect for implementing killer features on smartphones, tablets, wearables, iOT edge, and other mobile devices.

  • Up to 8680 LUTs / 128Kb SRAM / 208 GPIO | WLCSP packaging down to 1.4mm * 1.4mm


MachXO Family - Control PLD and Bridging – The award-winning MachXO2 FPGA family and new MachXO3 family – the world’s smallest, lowest-cost-per I/O, instant-on programmable platform – can be used to quickly implement system control functions, I/O expansion and bridging in applications such as routers, base stations, servers, storage, industrial, medical and consumer.

  • Up to 9400 LUTs / 48Kb SDRAM + Distributed RAM Blocks with 384 GPIO


CrossLink Family - Video Interface Bridges – CrossLink is the industry’s first programmable bridging device that resolves interface mismatches between application processors, image sensors, and displays. This makes it the optimal solution for VR headsets, drones, smartphones, tablets, cameras, wearables, human machine interfaces (HMIs), and automotive.

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